LAOTIE 6.8cm Outdoor Survival Camping Fishing Folding Knife Multifunction Knife Keychain Tools Small Mode

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1# Small Colorful + Copper Handle
2# Small Ebony + Copper Handle
3# Small Ebony + Steel Handle
Item Outdoor Survival Folding Knife
Mode Small Mode
Material Stainless + copper + multicolored wood + ebony
Hardness 58-60
Blade Thickness About 2.5mm
Overall Length 10.8cm
Folding Length 6.8cm
Weight About 65g
Suitable For Outdoor Camping, Fishing, Cycling, Survival.
Features:The blade is made of durable Japan Steel 2.5mm.Made 444OC stainless steel material.Deep heat treatment technology.Sharp, durable, thick knife and comfortable handle.Great for outdoor survival, camping and fishing.Package Including:1 pc x Folding Knife