MOBI GARDEN NXZQU61015 3-4 People Automatic Camping Tent Waterproof Double Layer Sunshade

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Brand Mobi Garden
Model NXZQU61015
Color Yellow, Grey, Lake blue, Sky blue
Structure Double layer
Capacity 3-4 people
Set-up Automatic quick open
Outer layer material 100% polyester
Inner layer material 100% polyester
Bottom layer material 100% polyester
Outer layer waterproof 1500mm-2000mm
Bottom layer waterproof 2000mm-3000mm
Size 230 x 200 x 130cm/90.5 x 78.7 x 51.1inch
Weight 3.39kg
Automatic quick opening design, without set-up by yourself.3-4 people larger capacity, convenient for family camping.Spring loaded umbrella stand, quick opening and closing.One tent for multi-purpose use, detachable inner layer, and outer layer for canopy, sunshade.Waterproof and anti-uv, breathable mesh for air ventilation. 
Package Included:
1 x Tent