Solar Power Panel Generator Kit 5V USB Charger Home System with 3 LED Bulbs Light

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- You can use it in anywhere when there is adequate sunshine.
- It can charge for mobile phones, MP3, MP4, digital cameras and other electronic products.
- Ideals for indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, power failure, camping, home lighting, areas without electricity.
- With a carrying hole, providing quick and convenient mobility. One power button design, easy operation.
- The solar system has over discharge protection
When the switch to the 1 state, the green indicator light is not bright, it shows the battery is already fully discharged, the system output is automatically cut off, stop providing lighting and mobile phone charge.
- Solar panel: 6V/ 3W
- Panel Cable: 4m
- Battery: 3.7V 4000mAH lithium battery
- Bulbs: 0.9W 90LM
- USB output: 5V 500mA
Electric generator
The solar panel line plug into the solar system on the left interface, about 10 hours can be filled with a  battery system.
Charged by one day (From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
*1 light bulbs are illuminated for 10 hours
*2 light bulbs are illuminated for 5 hours
The lamp cord into the solar system on the interface, plug the bulb cable into socket which marked
*1 light bulbs are illuminated for 20 hours
*2 light bulbs are illuminated for 10 hours
Package Included:
- 1X Electric generator
- 1X Solar Panel
- 3X LED bulbs (with on line switch)
- 1X USB charging cable (1 lines 4 heads)
- 1X English ManualMore details: