Summer USB Mosquito Dispeller Lamp 3 In 1 Outdoor Portable Aromatherapy Desk Led Mosquito Lam

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Name Mosquito Lamp
Voltage 5V
Weight 180g
Sophisticated and ready to put in your pocket; Lighting, mosquito repellent and aromatherapy combined to make your journey more comfortable
USB-powered, plug and play, they can be powered by any USB output, such as digital devices, mobile power, AC chargers, car chargers, etc., convenient and simple
Thermostatic PTC Thermistor Heating Element Stability
The kit includes 2PCS mosquito repellent, durable
Ideal for outdoor use such as fishing, driving cars, camping, hiking and more. It only requires mobile power.
This product is not equipped with aroma oil. If you want to have an aromatherapy effect, simply drop the essential oil on the mosquito coil and heat it.
Package Include:
1 x USB Lamp2 x Mosquito Repellent