IPRee 3MM 550 Paracord Fid Lacing Stitching Weaving Needle Stainless Steel Works For Laces Strings

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Brand IPRee®
Item 3MM 550 Paracord Weaving Needle
Material Stainless Steel
Color Silver
Length 78mm/3.07inch
Diameter 3mm/0.11inch
Weight 5g
Blunt end prevents snagging.Durable stainless steel will not rust or break downWorks for laces, strings, paracord, etc.
Uses:Umbrella rope weaving tool, DIY wooden platform accessories, metal luggage accessories. Wide range of uses,mainly used for umbrella rope weaving and DIY colors/mixed color bracelets, but also bags, rucksacks, travel bags, handbags, camera bags, computer bags, luggage series, clothing decoration. 
Package Included:
1 x Paracord Weaving Needle