Satin Smooth HydraSonic Professional Dermal Cleansing Technology

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The Satin Smooth HydraSonic Professional Dermal Cleansing tool will leave your skin clean and glowing. Quick and easy to use with its LCD cycle indicator screen.

* 14x's better than manual cleansing
* Improves skin texture, reduces oil and large pores
* Gentle enough to use twice a day
* 90 Second cycle with 15 second intervals allows a deep cleansing.
* Brushes are removable, easy to clean, and reusable
* Hydra Sonic is waterproof for shower
* Sensitive and Normal Brushes for facial cleansing Body Brush for areas below the chest
* Long lasting battery provides over 30 treatments per charge
) Satin Smooth Renewal Cream Cleanser and Day/Night Moisturizer

* HydraSonic Dermal Cleansing Unit
* 1 Sensitive Skin Facial Brush
* 1 Normal Skin Facial Brush
* 1 Body Brush
* 1 oz. Renewal Facial Cream Cleanser- AHA + Vitamin C
* .34 oz. Day/Night Daily Moisturizer
* Instruction Manual